Welcome aboard! I’m Allison and you’re about to learn how to clean your whole house with just water and say goodbye to chemicals and harsh ingredients for good.

I no longer sell Norwex products but still love them dearly and wrote extensively about my journey to eliminating chemicals from my home. So jump in, search below, leave me a comment (I still respond!), or check out my friend’s site if you’re ready to make a Norwex purchase.

Learn How To…

Clean easier

Clean just about anything

Achieve streak-free mirrors

EliminateĀ soap scum

Say goodbye to dust mites

Trap dust in a flash

Wash your fruits and veggies

Clean That Porcelain Throne

Wash dishes by hand

Clean up grimy fridge

Keep stainless steel shiny

Remove scuff marks easily

Use the proper mop technique

Say goodbye to…

Aerosal fragrance sprays

Eyeglasses cleaner

Paper towels and Windex

Ajax, Comet, SoftScrub type cleaners

Remove makeup

Remove makeup gently and easily

Simplify your life

Simplify your beauty routine

Shorten blow drying time

Shorten clothes drying time

Shine up your eyeglasses

Always have a dry towel

Wipe flour from the counter

Use 75% less hand soap

Care for your Norwex

Clean your Norwex products

Be amazing

Involve Your Kids in Cleaning

Decide if Norwex is worth it

Prove that Norwex works

Save the planet

Become a Norwex consultant