Goodbye Chemicals, Hello…Norwex!

I’ve fallen in love and had to share! I’m a regular 25-year-old gal who likes to save a buck or two and, in general, hate cleaning! So I never gave it much thought until I started hearing about all the strange ingredients that are living in my Windex or Clorox or (gasp!) even my beloved Tilex Fresh Shower spray! No!

Laura Costa from the National Organization for Women says that common household chemicals have been linked to more than 200 health problems including asthma, depression, anxiety, various cancers (including breast, ovarian and brain), birth defects and developmental disabilities, as well as reproductive, cardiovascular and immune system disorders. Many of these chemicals are stored in our bodies and accumulate over time to cause health problems after years of gradual exposure.”

Obviously that’s a little scary and a whole lot daunting to think of what I can do to protect myself. I considered never cleaning myself or my house again (I could live with the latter)…but then I learned about Norwex. It’s an easy way to kick those chemical-infested products to the curb. (Or for a cheapskate like me, use up and vow never to buy again!)

The most standard Norwex product is the Antibac Enviro Cloth–a microfiber cloth. What’s so new or great about that, right? I was skeptical too, until I used one and fell in love. It’s a high quality microfiber that puts the cheap microfiber I’ve bought before to shame. You can feel the difference. This one has little microfiber fingers as thin as 1/100 a strand of hair grabbing at all the dirt in my house. Then it traps it in there instead of spreading it around. Pretty cool, eh? Here’s a picture. (I have the blue one since it’s my favorite color.)

But that’s not even the best part. You can also get the cloth wet and use it to clean everything–with just water! And the cloth is embedded with a silver-based agent that acts as a natural antibacterial, so when you’re done cleaning just rinse, wring, and hang and you can use it again and again before tossing it into the laundry since the silver-based agent goes to town antibac-ing the cloth!

They’re $14.50 each, which sounds outrageous until you do the math. These cloths last 10 years, so that’s ten years of not buying bottle after bottle of kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, dusting spray…just to name a few. You’re also not buying (and throwing away) roll after roll of paper towels to do your cleaning anymore. Good for your pocketbook and the environment! It’s a win-win.

Stay tuned as I try out more of the Norwex product line. How about you? Have you tried out any “green” products? If so, did they live up to all they claimed to be? I’d love to hear!


I sell these Norwex products, so contact me if you want to learn more or try them out. And just so you know, I sell them because I fell in love with them, not vice versa.


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