Take it off!

Make-up that is. Men, don’t give up on this post yet. If you shower, this product is for you.

I like to complain about how society “forces” women to look right by wearing make-up, but the truth is, I like wearing make-up! What I don’t appreciate is the price tag (and time) that goes along with taking it off. I’ve spent many a night over the bathroom sink removing my make-up, washing my face, toning my face, moisturizing…you get the idea. Take a look at the breakdown of what that did to my bank account:

  • Make-up remover (Clinique) – $18.50
  • Eye make-up remover (Neutrogena) – $5.99
  • Face wash (Clinique) – $15
  • Toner (Clinique) – $11.50

And then I’d use a product up and have to buy another one. What a vicious cycle.

Thankfully that’s all changed. Now I just need one cloth. Imagine my delight when packing my toiletry bag for a trip–no 3-oz. liquid worries for my carry-on! Norwex’s Antibac Body Pack is the ticket. It’s a set of 3 antibacterial microfiber cloths that each do everything the four products listed above used to do for me…with just water!

The pack of three cloths (which come in neutral shades or bright colors, shown below) run you $16.99 for the regular size or $14.99 for a smaller size. I didn’t blink at that price considering what I used to pay for face care, especially since the cloths last 10 years when cared for properly.

What I love about the face cloth:

  • It removes 99.9% of bacteria from my face with just water
  • It takes off even waterproof mascara–amazing!
  • It’s antibacterial, so it cleans itself as it dries in my shower (instead of breeding more bacteria like a wash cloth)
  • I don’t need toner because it doesn’t alter your natural pH level like cleaners do
  • It’s way cheaper than buying face wash over and over for 10 years

If you’re a guy or a gal who chooses not to wear make-up, you can still get the cleansing value out of these cloths. Use one in the shower to scrub your face (makes it so soft because it exfoliates the dead skin cells off) or use it as a wash cloth for you body. Ever been a slave to “bacne”? This cloth clears that right up, since it removes the bacteria from your skin which is causing the body acne.

So there you have it. One of my favorite new discoveries. It simplifies my life and saves me a dime in the process. Can’t beat that.

Are any of you fed up with your daily routine? Have you tried anything to simplify your life? Please share…I know I can relate!


I sell these Norwex products, so contact me if you want to learn more or try them out. And just so you know, I sell them because I fell in love with them, not vice versa.


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