Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

You step out of a hot shower and begin to towel off. You try to look in the mirror but it’s too fogged up to see anything so you grab the hand towel (or do you just use your hand?) and wipe away until you can see yourself. You anticipate the streaks that will surely find a home on your mirror once it dries. You think you have no other choice, right?

Well, now you do! I use my Norwex Antibac Window Cloth to wipe off my mirror after a shower and in doing so completely clean my mirror! I avoid those annoying mirror streaks and give the mirror a full cleaning in a matter of seconds. I never thought I’d clean my bathroom mirror every single day, but when it’s so easy (and something I’d do with a towel anyway), I can’t resist!

Just like many of the other Norwex cloths, the Antibac Window Cloth is–like its name implies–antibacterial. So I leave mine hanging behind the bathroom door and use it again and again until I do laundry. No worries of it getting nasty since the cloth is embedded with a silver-agent, which is a natural antibacterial.

The cloth is perfect for anything that needs polished like mirrors, windows, jewelry, or glass-top tables. If you don’t use the steam from the shower, just spritz a little water from a spray bottle on the glass you want to clean and wipe dry with the Window Cloth. Then you’re done. No paper towels to waste. No chemicals to breathe in (or keep your kids away from)!

I haven’t tried the cloth on my windows yet, but when I do I’ll first use the Antibac Enviro Cloth on the outside of the window since my windows are really dirty, and then finish with the Antibac Window Cloth. On the inside of the windows where they’re not as dirty I’ll need to use the Antibac Window Cloth only.

It’s a 17″ by 17″ cloth so if I clean more than one mirror at a shot, I fold it a couple of times, so there’s always a dry section ready for use. The cloth costs just $16.99 and will last you 10 years. (That’s an estimate if you wash it by machine once a week.)

With this cloth you can stop spending money on glass cleaner and paper towels for 10 years, kick the frustration of having streaky glass (or wasting too much time to get the streak-free look), and say a hearty “Adios!” to all the chemicals in your current glass cleaner. That’s definitely something I can live with.


I sell these Norwex products, so contact me if you want to learn more or try them out. And just so you know, I sell them because I fell in love with them, not vice versa.


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