Who doesn’t want to step into a clean shower? I know I like to. But getting it clean has been the thing that’s held me back before. My biggest problem is I want something easy. I don’t want to spend my entire Saturday spraying and waiting and scrubbing the tub down on my knees.

In the past I’ve tried products such as Tilex Fresh Shower or the like. I can’t say I ever noticed a big difference in how clean my shower was, but I liked it for two reasons: 1) it was quick, and 2) it was easy.

Then something brand new walked into my life and into my shower. (That sounds a little creepy, doesn’t it?) It is Norwex’s Bathroom Scrub Mitt, a mitt you can slip your hand into that has microfiber fabric on one side and scrub mesh on the other. I couldn’t be happier!

Toward the end of my shower (certainly not every day, but whenever I think about it), I grab the Scrub Mitt that hangs beside my loofah, put my hand inside, and run my hand across the walls of my shower. You can use the rougher side first if there’s any soap scum, and finish with the softer side. It honestly makes the chrome around the faucet shine!

The first time I used it I spent a little bit longer using the scrubby side of the mitt where my old cleaners had left a build-up of scum. But anymore, it just takes a few seconds to touch things up and I’m outta there! I love that!

Some Norwex people say that the basic Enviro Cloth can do pretty much the same job, but I love my Bathroom Mitt because I can store it in the shower so I actually use it. I also like that the one side of the mitt is coarser in case you need more scrubbing action, and I think the mitt part makes it fun.

Here’s my mitt in action–hanging out in my shower (the pink item on the right) waiting for the few seconds where it gets my attention. I don’t mean to neglect, but that’s how quickly Norwex can help you get the job done!

This is a relatively new item for Norwex and they sell for $22.99 in the Home Essentials section of the catalog! It’s made my life just a little bit easier. Do you think it would work for you?


You can find the Bathroom Scrub Mitt and many other great products in the Norwex catalog. Interested in ordering? Just contact me!


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