Host a Norwex Show

Why host a Norwex show? Definitely for the prizes! Depending on the number or buying guests and the total sale amount, the host gets a ton of great Norwex products for free. The host is also allocated a percentage of the total sale amount to spend on whichever Norwex products they most want to try. Below are the host benefits for January (you get a mop–the most expensive Norwex product of all)! Click on the photo for the details.

January Host Specials

There are two ways you can purchase Norwex products: 1) Directly from an Independent Norwex Consultant (that’s me), or 2) Through a Norwex show. Tomorrow I’m having my first Norwex show!

The good things about going to a show are:

  • You can ask a lot of questions
  • See demonstrations
  • View the products in person
  • Maybe hear product reviews from other people at the show, if they or someone they know have used Norwex

The bad things about a show are:

  • I might not live anywhere near you (but ask me about hosting a “catalog show” for your area!)
  • The stereotype of these kind of “parties.” (Don’t you just picture a bunch of women sitting around oooing and ahhing about stuff, being forced to talk to people they don’t know, and then feeling pressured to buy something they don’t really want?)

I made a promise to myself to not make my “parties” like that because I’ve been suckered into going to too many of those things and, in general, just don’t like them.

I plan to share why I started using Norwex, show a few of the most popular products and then leave it up to the guests to ask questions as they try out or look over the products. It’s really about making the guests aware that there are alternatives to the traditional cleaning and personal care methods we all have used. But Norwex isn’t for everyone, and I am committed to not pressure or make anyone feel guilty if they choose not to make the switcheroo.

Think you might want to be a host or hostess? The group could be anywhere from 2 to 100 people. The size is completely up to you. Send me a message if you’re interested in hosting. Or some of you may prefer to view my online catalog and place an order that way. The choice is yours!



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