Clean Your Mattress!

Does someone you know (or worse yet, sleep next to) snore? Norwex offers a solution because the snoring may be caused by the dust mites that have made a home in your mattress!

Did you know you may have 2 million dust mites crawling around in your bed? When my parents used to tuck me in by saying, “Goodnight, Mennonite. Don’t let the bedbugs bite!” maybe they were being serious!

Dust mites are microscopic (about 50 of them can fit on the head of a pin) and all over your home–on furniture, carpet, in beds, and even on your children’s stuffed animals. These little guys feast on the fungus that grows from dead skin cells–and humans shed 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells each minute!

The fecal pellets produced by the dust mites are the most common cause of dust-related allergies. 80% of people with asthma are allergic to dust mites (but it’s really the fecal matter causing the allergies)!

Norwex offers a Mattress Spray that you spray on your mattress, furniture, carpet, etc. It goes to work eliminating all the dust mites and their fecal matter, dead skin cells and other organic matter.

What I love about it is it’s totally safe for children and pets because it’s made out of the same stuff we’re surrounded by on a daily basis. You’re supposed to use it 3 times a year, or 6 times per year if you have allergies or asthma. You shouldn’t use much, just 12 sprays for a queen size bed, 6 sprays for a twin, 1-2 sprays per pillow and left to dry.

There’s a place on the side of the bottle to record your last treatment, but one customer says she doesn’t need to do that. When her husband starts snoring again, she knows it’s time for another application. And sure enough, the next night she sleeps in silence once again! Amazing!

How does it work? Candi Bezte, Norwex Science & Technical Advisor, will explain it. She says, “Norwex Mattress Spray contains the dormant or resting stage of live bacteria.  When they find a food source, and other growing conditions are right, the bacteria become active, producing enzymes (a type of protein) that break down accumulated dust mites, dust mite fecal matter, pet dander, dead skin cells, or any organic matter which causes unpleasant odours, allowing this matter to be consumed. They will continue to consume this material until all organic matter is removed, converting it into carbon dioxide and water.  Once there is nothing left for them to feed on, the bacteria disintegrate.”

Do you feel like curling up with those dust mites tonight, or are you ready to kick them to the curb?


Norwex Mattress Cleaner is sold for $31.99 (a 16.9 oz. 2-year supply) in the Home Essentials section of the catalog. Or simply contact me if you want to order!


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