I’m a Believer

When a guest at one of the Norwex shows I was giving bragged up the Norwex Antibac Microfiber Mitt to the rest of the guests, I admitted to them that I was skeptical. I shared that the Norwex Enviro Cloth was all I counted on for my dusting needs.

But when I got home, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. This customer claimed that she cleaned her dirty ceiling fans without dust bunnies parachuting down onto her head thanks to the Microfiber Mitt. My ceiling fans were diiirty and I felt on a mission to prove her wrong.

Boy was I wrong! The Microfiber Mitt is so fluffy that it’s able to trap and hold all sorts of dust inside it. None of the dust gets pushed around only to end up in another part of your house. It actually stays in the mitt. I was astounded. And sold.

So for just $14.99 I picked up the Microfiber Mitt for myself and think it’s almost fun to dust my house–one of my least favorite chores. The Microfiber Mitt makes it better because I can get the task done quickly by slipping the mitt on my hand, running it over the surfaces of my house, then rinsing it out in the sink to be used again or throwing it in with my laundry. Easy peasy.

And since the dust actually gets picked up instead of pushed around, I don’t feel the need to dust as often. Not to mention the feel-good notion of not spraying chemicals all over my house just to dust! And did you see the mitt is antibacterial? It’s an all-around winner in my book. I’ll have to thank the customer who convinced me to give it a try!


Interested in purchasing the Microfiber Mitt? Check out this month’s specials to get one in a package discount! Contact me or check out the shop for more great products.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I personally love the new pink bath mitt. It’s meant for bathrooms – sinks, showers, etc – but it is also AMAZING on walls and floors! It’s a really plush microfiber and it grabs dirt like crazy. It is really great for arthritis sufferers because it stays on your hand without having to grip it. I gave one to my mom and she uses it a lot.


  2. Kerry,

    What a great gift idea for people with arthritis! And since it doesn’t take much elbow grease, they can easily get the job done. I’m glad you’re enjoying the bathroom scrub mitt and finding many great uses for it!


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