Forever Fewer: What a Spectacle

I’m back from getting married in Iowa and honeymooning in Jamaica! Here we are on wedding day:

Returning to the daily routine of life has again reminded me what a help Norwex is in simplifying my days. Not only do Norwex products spare me time by making cleaning easier than before, they are also pocketbook friendly by permanently eliminating many products from my “to buy” list. And what’s not to love about fewer chemicals and more cupboard space in the house? You may notice my blue enviro cloth and my purple polishing cloth hanging out below.

Herein starts a new series I’m calling “Forever Fewer” to shine a light on all the ways Norwex enables you to buy fewer products, forever.

The star of today’s show was discovered during my last trip to Iowa, a few days before my wedding. My mom and I were planning a trip into town to purchase a few last minute items. Before she could lift her pen to add “eyeglasses cleaner” to the list, I encouraged her to try water and the Norwex Polishing Cloth that she already owned. So she rinsed her lenses in running tap water, wiped them dry with the cloth, and approved! Her glasses were as clean as always and she was thrilled at the thought of never having to purchase (or store) glasses cleaner again.

In addition to the 17″ x 17″ polishing cloth, Norwex also makes the optic cloth, a mini version of the polishing cloth, which some may find more convenient for tidying up or using on-the-go.

The polishing cloth at $16.99 and the optic cloth at $8.50 are also perfect for cleaning your computer screen, TV screen, cell phone screen, camera lens, mirrors, windows, glass-top tables, stainless steel appliances, jewelry, and more–just choose the size you think would work best for the job. When cleaning a computer or TV screen, etc. spritz the water onto the cloth and then wipe the item, using a different part of the cloth to then polish it dry. For windows or mirrors you can spray the water directly onto the glass.

The Norwex polishing cloths are a great investment and come with the gift of knowing you can forevermore eliminate the need for many of your always-need-replenishing products in your life! And both cloths mentioned in this post come with a 2-year money back guarantee. Not bad for a cleaning rag, eh?

So what have you done to simply your life? Your cleaning? Any must-have items that have made life easier for you or eliminated the need for extra stuff? I’d love to hear!


Eyeglasses cleaner photo courtesy of Interested in trying any of the Norwex product line? If so, just contact me with questions or an order!


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