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Summer will soon bid us adieu and a new school year will be among us. Are you dreading working your way through that grass-stained pile of laundry? Are you tired of waiting longer than necessary for the alarming beep of your dryer (if it sounds anything like mine) to go off, signaling the clothes are finally dry?

Or are you realizing that letting the highly concentrated chemicals of your fabric softener rub against (and absorb into) your skin all day long is so 2009?

These Norwex products can come to your rescue in a snap. Plus, they’re on sale through August 15! Score!

Product: Laundry detergent
Sale Price
: $21.50 (originally $24.99)
Why It’s Loved: It’s pure, pure, pure. Absolutely no fillers or perfumes that can cause skin reactions, extra static in the dryer, and wear out your fabrics. It’s highly concentrated and tough on stains and you can even mix a little with water for a pre-wash stain treatment. Plus with a front loading machine it costs under 3 cents per load! (Each bag of detergent can handle over 800 loads in a front-loader or over 160 in a top loader with soft water or a magnet ball.)

Product: Dryer balls (set of 2)
Sale Price:
$16.50 (originally $18.99)
Why They’re Loved: Throwing them in the dryer eliminates the need of fabric softener since these balls make cloths soft and fluffy on their own. They also have shortened my clothes drying time by an average of 18%! If these dryer balls aren’t getting rid of your static, you’re drying the clothes too long! Plus they have a 1-year warranty, which you won’t find on the ones you can pick up at the dollar store.

Product: Magnet Ball
Sale Price:
$27.50 (originally $31.99)
Why It’s Loved: Struggle with hard water? Toss this ball in with your washing machine or dishwasher and voila! No more hard water since the ball prevents calcium molecules from building up in your machine. This means you use 50-70% less soap and don’t need a rinse aid in your dishwasher. Watch the savings add up! (Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be used in front loading washing machines.)

Let Norwex help make laundry day easier and more importantly, healthier for you and your family by kicking a few more chemicals out of your house for good! What do you dread most about laundry day? Have you found any products that work wonders for you? Any problems that just don’t seem to go away? Do tell.

To order any Norwex product, just email me. Be sure to mention the “Laundry Sale” in your order to get the discounted price on the above mentioned items.


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