Distance Makes the Heart

The proverbial phrase has manifested in my life as I’ve spent the week in Milwaukee without my beloved Norwex Body Cloth. Yes, yes. I miss my husband too, but those expansive black smudges under my eyes each morning aren’t in his honor. My waterproof mascara won’t come off!

It’s been years since I’ve tried to remove my waterproof mascara with a normal wash cloth and water. Before Norwex I was purchasing bottles of eye makeup remover. What a waste!

Then I switched to the Body Cloths and have never looked back. Until now as I look longingly back on the days I removed my mascara quickly and easily with just the cloth and some warm water. Even on my post-LASIK-surgery eyes that I try to treat delicately I’ve never had a problem gently wiping all that mascara off. Oh the days. I can’t wait to go home and get that cloth in my arms again. I guess this is a good reminder of how well those face cloths work.

Have any of you forgotten a favorite item while traveling? Tell me your coping stories; I think I need the encouragement.



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