That Porcelain Throne

I’m thinking it’s safe to guess that cleaning the toilet isn’t high on many people’s “Fun Things I Like To Do” list. It doesn’t get my heart pounding either, but Norwex has just made it a little more fun. And easier. And safer.

Meet the Sanira System. This bad boy shines your throne without using any harsh chemicals that are found in other toilet bowl cleaners. In fact both the cleaning solution and the brush are made from environmentally friendly raw materials. The cleaning solution is vegetable-based with coconut oil and a naturally-occurring sugar surfactant. It’s not poisonous or corrosive, so take a breath if your dog (or child…I don’t know?) takes a sip from the toilet. It’s not going to hurt them! Oh and the solution breaks down within 48 hours compared to other solutions that need at least 30 days.

It comes with four parts–the brush, the 2-part base, and the cleaning solution pouch. For starters you have to snip off the end of the pouch to open it up.

Place the pouch into the base and top with the other part of the base–the one with the hole through the center. The second part of the base keeps the brush from touching the solution and also gives the brush a place to rest.

The brush is stored on the top. When you’re ready to use it, gently push the brush down into the base. You will notice some cleaning solution coming up through the brush’s built-in channeling system. That means it’s ready to use! I love that this system dispenses the amount of solution I need (only 3/4 tsp. compared to 2 T. of traditional cleaner) and that the cleaning solution will last about a year with once-a-week toilet cleanings. Scrub, wait about 10 minutes, flush. Rinse the brush and store it in its base.

The first time I used the Sanira I noticed I was mostly scrubbing off some blue residue that was left by my old cleaner. I’m happy I won’t have that problem with using Sanira. I was also surprised at the fresh scent of the Sanira. Through using Norwex products I’ve realized that clean doesn’t have a smell–that what I was used to smelling in my old products was either chemicals or artificial fragrance intended to cover up the smell of chemicals. But the Sanira System does have a smell–a very light, fresh, sweet smell. Natural.

I had hesitated to purchase the Sanira Toilet Brush System because of the price. It’s $45.99 for the whole system. I went for it because it’s only $14.99 for each year after that since you can purchase just a refill pouch of the cleaning solution and continue to use your same base and brush. Here’s a writeup on how that price might compare to other cleaning methods.

It comes down to a personal choice. I decided the initial investment is worth it so I feel good about the products I’m using and their company practices, produce less waste (even recycling takes energy, so the less plastic bottles we buy and use up the better!), and just might enjoy the toilet chore a bit more since it’s so easy and convenient. I store my system between the toilet and the shower. Its neutral colors and placement makes it hardly visible and then it’s easy as pie to grab it and give the toilet a quick cleaning swirl.

What are your thoughts on spending money? Do you acknowledge that you vote with your dollars and want to buy only the products that you feel good about? From companies you trust? Or do you admit you like the idea of buying organic/natural/local/handmade/fair trade but just aren’t in a position to do so? Are there certain products you buy this way and others that aren’t as important? Conscious consuming is a whole new way of thinking for me and is something I’ve been chewing over the past few months, wavering in my thinking and actions. So I’d love to hear your take on the topic!



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