Teach Your Children Well

I think Norwex took the advice of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to heart when they created the new Norwex Kids Line that was released only weeks ago. They created the same effective Norwex products that adults use and love and made them in smaller kids sizes in fun, vibrant colors!

Although I don’t have any kids of my own, I see this new Kids Line as something important for three reasons.

1. It teaches responsibility. From a young age, your wee one can follow you around and help you dust with their very own Norwex Kids Mitt. Eventually they’ll be able to complete the task on their own (bonus for you!). Norwex even has a chore sheet you can give your child to remind them what tasks need to be done and which cloth to use! And since they’re only using the cloths and water, you don’t have to worry about them touching or breathing in the harsh chemicals that are found in many other cleaning products. Norwex is safe for everyone!

2. It teaches them what cleaning is. What cleaning looks like. What it smells like. Kids are observant. How many of you use Tide because your mom used Tide? We are teaching loyalty to the next generation whether or not we realize it. Make it a norm for your kids to see cleaning done without the use of dangerous chemicals. Make it normal for your kids to walk into a bathroom that’s just been cleaned and not breath in that overwhelming scent that they will associate with something “being clean.” Make it unnecessary to lock up all your cleaning products under your sink. Invite your kids to help. Teach them how it’s done. They will be healthier and safer for it. Good work, you!

3. It makes cleaning fun! Imagine that. Your kids or grandkids will be thrilled to have their very own mop to push around. They’ll love the bright green Kids Mitt, the bright blue Enviro Cloth or the awesomely orange Polishing Cloth to shine up the bathroom mirror all by themselves–even kids can get the streak-free look since Norwex does the work!

So what do you think? Do you know a little guy or gal who could benefit from learning the responsibility of chores of their own? Or have a child or grandchild who could have great fun helping mom and dad clean the house? Is there a child in your life you want to protect from the chemicals found in most other cleaning products? Let your child be your motivation for changing your old ways. Know that your children are worth it…and know they love you. Now let’s end with a little rendition of that classic, shall we?


psst- Interested in the price of these exciting new kids products? Check ’em out in the shop.


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