Why I Like My Job

I’ve been a Norwex Consultant since December of last year and have compiled a list of reasons I’ve enjoyed the ride so far:

  • I get to decide! I decide when I work on Norwex and when I put it on the back burner. I decide how to communicate with customers and how to sell to new ones. I make it my own business so it fits my style and personality.

  • I am supported. The idea of my own business sounded overwhelming at first. Exciting, but overwhelming. I am supported by my Norwex team all the time. We share ideas and stories, information and documents. I am supported by websites created specifically for Norwex Consultants that are filled with scientific research and information about the Norwex product line and company. The Norwex Head Office has been nothing but friendly and helpful in answering my questions quickly and accurately!

  • It’s fun! It’s just natural for me to want to tell others about cool things I’ve discovered. After falling in love with Norwex, I thought, “Why don’t more people know about this stuff?!” Now it’s all about introducing people to healthier alternatives to the typical product. I love that Norwex is chemical-free, but what keeps me hooked is that it works! And those are products I have no qualms telling others about.

  • I’m not pressured. I was nervous that as a consultant I’d feel pressure to meet certain monthly sales or get a certain number of recruits. I don’t! I hear this is not the case in most other home-party-based companies. What a relief! It seems Norwex really does want to spread the wealth-of-knowledge they’ve discovered instead of squeezing their consultants until they’re broke, exhausted, or both! Norwex creates a great atmosphere to be a part of.

There are so many other things I love about this job, but I’ll stop there for now! Does this sound like a job you’d like to have? Were you surprised by any of my reasons? Are you curious to know more about my job–how much I make or how much it costs to get started? Please, ask away by commenting on this post (by clicking on “Leave a Comment” under the post title) or shoot me an email!

Psst– Looking for more info on becoming your own boss? Check this out!


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