Stainless Steel: Staying Shiny

Isaiah and I were thrilled when some generous folks from the church I grew up in wanted to throw a wedding shower for us. What tickled us even more was when we heard it was going to be a Pampered Chef shower, since we love (attempting to) cook together! Just look at the joy on Isaiah’s face as we dug into our first box of goodies.

We even got a huge set of beautiful, shiny stainless steel cookware from my parents as an early wedding gift! Here I am flipping an imaginary pancake with a skillet. The skill!

Over the last few months we’ve given our shiny pots and pans nearly daily attention…and sadly they’ve lost some of their sparkle. Take a look at our slightly grimy saute pan.

We’ve washed and soaked and scrubbed and polished them, longing for that brand new look of yester-month. Nothing seemed to make a difference. Until I opened up a package of Norwex Spirinetts. I assumed they would do no more than anything else I’d tried, but oh how wrong I was! After a short scrub-down with some warm water…

…this pan can serve as a looking glass once again!

I couldn’t believe it was as simple as that! And the fact it set us back only $4.50 for a pack of 2 Norwex Spirinetts put a sparkle in my smile as well. Now a spirinett has made its home under our sink and can be called into action whenever any of our stainless steel pots and pans need a little pick me up.


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