Dirty Paws

The truth has found us out. It appears some dirty hands have opened the refrigerator and freezer in our house…and this has been going on for years. I remember my mom using cleaners and scrubbing in a mostly failed effort to get those handles looking clean again. And that was more than four years ago when I first moved into my house. Granted, I’ve cleaned the fridge and the handles since then, but had pretty much accepted that they were doomed to look dirty.

Then something came over me the other night as I was reaching to open the freezer door. I was tired of putting up with that grimy look! I grabbed my green Norwex Antibac Kitchen Cloth that was in the sink, and rubbed it over and over and over the freezer door handle. I couldn’t believe it! I snapped with my camera and here is what I saw:

One white and clean handle! Amazing! I didn’t get a true “before” shot when both handles were looking dingy, but you can see the difference between the two handles in the picture above. Sure, it took a minute or so of scrubbing with a damp Kitchen Cloth, but that was peanuts in my book. So I went after the refrigerator handle to finish out the job.

Not only do the handles look better, but they’re also clean and free of many germs that were doubtlessly there before. I only wish I would have tried that sooner. Imagine taking years of built-up yuck–even some left over from the family that lived here before me–with a kitchen cloth and some water! Can your dish rag do that?

Pssst– Want one for yourself? Check them out in the Kitchen Cleaning section of the shop!


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