Deals & Discounts: October

Fall is officially here and Norwex is back to offer its lovely customers and hosts some amazing deals. Check out the sale-priced packages being offered up this month (click the image below for a larger look). The Fall Cleaning Pack is perfect for anyone new to Norwex and ready to give it a go for the first time. The Sport Pack includes a highly absorbent microfiber towel inside a handy travel pouch–perfect for all active-on-the-go people. Worked out over lunch and need to get back to the office? This towel can be put away wet or dry!

There are also a number of products ringing up for even nicer prices…FREE! They can be yours when you invite your friends over to learn about how they can make positive changes in their lives by saying goodbye to chemicals. Take a look at a few more details of hosting your own Norwex show here.

Any products stand out as something you’re ready to try? Are you waiting patiently for a certain product to show up on the sale rack before you take the plunge? Can you think of a few friends who may be interested in products that can help them save their family’s health as well as the environment? Do them a favor by spreading the Norwex word!


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