Soak it up

Have you ever had to switch out towels in the middle of a dish-drying session because the first was soaked through? Me too, but not anymore. Norwex makes a great “tea towel” that is crazy absorbent. We have one in the kitchen for drying hands…

One for drying the dishes…

And are thinking about putting one in the bathroom too just because they are so soft and soooo absorbent.

To demonstrate how much water they can hold, I poured a half-cup of water into a glass bowl. I gently added the towel to the bowl. It immediately started slurping up that water.

After a few minutes, I lifted the towel out of the bowl. There was no water left in the bowl and there were no water drips running off the bottom of the towel. Amazing!

Then I wrung out the towel, just to prove to myself how much water really was being held in there. And out it poured…

Oh, and did I mention the towels are antibacterial? Yep, they’re embedded with a silver-agent and silver is naturally antibacterial. So as the towel dries (which is very quickly), the silver goes to work eliminating 99.99% of all bacteria so it’s clean and ready for the next time you reach for it in the kitchen or the bathroom!

This great discovery is bittersweet since I’m now using those cute, embroidered tea towels from my grandma for decoration purposes only. They just can’t keep up with all that the Norwex Tea Towels can do. Can your towels?

Psst– check ’em out in the shop or contact me with questions!


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