Forever Fewer: Paper Towels

Save a tree, use Norwex! Since switching to Norwex products last December, I’ve barely touched a paper towel. This is good for our environment since I’m not adding to deforestation or polluting our water or air with greenhouse gases from the production of the paper towels. However, it is not good for my linen closet…

If memory serves me well, I purchased a jumbo-enormous family pack of paper towels just before discovering Norwex through my friend, Jen. I planned to use them to clean mirrors and windows, but now I use my Polishing Cloth.

I planned to use them to wipe down bathroom counters, but now I use my Enviro Cloth.

I planned to use them to clean my tub and shower, but now I use my Bathroom Scrub Mitt.

I planned to use them to clean up messes in the kitchen, but now I use my Kitchen Cloths (and why wouldn’t I since they clean up even raw chicken?).

Any ideas of what I could do with my stash of paper towels? There are at least 6 jumbo rolls in there. Maybe I’ll work through them all years from now. Until then, they will continue to take up space in my linen closet reminding me of my “old ways” and how much Norwex has changed my life…for the better!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Ooh…I’m definitely tempted to try it out! I go through way too many paper towels. 😦

  2. Pearls,

    Tell me about it–I used to too. But I’m warning you, once you try some Norwex stuff you will never go back. You will love it! (And just FYI, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t.)


  3. Posted by Eve on October 26, 2010 at 12:25 am

    I think the only thing I use paper towels for are drying our cast iron skillets after washing them (so I don’t stain a cloth towel) and killing random spiders around the kitchen!

  4. Yes, I think I’ll keep any bug smashing away from my Norwex stuff too!

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