Hard Water? No Problem.

Many homes struggle with hard water. Here are some solutions to those problems brought to you by Norwex.

  1. Hard water in your dishwasher or washing machine? Use the Norwex Magnet Ball, which causes a realignment of electrons in the calcium and magnesium particles found in hard water. This makes the clumps break down and results in softer water. And it lets you use at least 50% less soap and no rinse aid!
  2. Stubborn soap scum or hard water buildup in the tub? Use the Norwex Cleaning Paste with a damp Enviro Cloth and watch it disappear. A little paste goes a long way!
  3. Have a lime problem on the shower door or around the faucet? Norwex Descaler will do the trick. It’s the “green” alternative to CLR. It’s totally environmentally friendly because it’s enzyme-based. The live bacteria in the Descaler actually eat the soap scum! Just spray, leave for 5 minutes and wipe off with a damp Enviro Cloth.

Don’t let hard water get you down. Fight back–without turning to chemicals.

Do you struggle with hard water? Have you found anything that works wonders for you? Or do you have another ongoing problem in your house and want to challenge Norwex to find a solution for you?

Shower door picture from here.


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