Pearly Whites

Once upon a time I had braces on my teeth. Yep, headgear and all. Even though those days are (thankfully!) in my past, I still like to take good care of my teeth.

Norwex makes a Silver Care Toothbrush that does what so many of the Norwex product line does…it cleans itself! I love this idea because it brings up two memories. One was a TV show I remember watching about people trying to market their inventions. A man explained his contraption that was basically a car wash for your toothbrushes. You stored them inside his product and they came out clean. Here’s something similar selling for $50 at Brookstone.

The second memory is of reading a magazine article about how many toilet germs are on most toothbrushes, since many toothbrushes are stored near the toilet and when you flush, it sprays. That has stuck in my mind!

Ok, now departing Memory Lane and getting back to the Norwex toothbrush. It has a silver-plated head that drastically reduces the microbial load after 3-6 hours. The next time you use your brush, it is cleaned and ready for you. And a brush that isn’t already filled with bacteria is able to better remove the bacteria from your mouth. Nice!

However, these are my confessions. I love my electric toothbrush. I LOVE it. So I haven’t tried the Norwex toothbrush yet. But I struck a deal with myself that my Norwex toothbrush will be my travel toothbrush since my electric one is bulkier to lug around. Maybe I’ll love it so much that it will be promoted to my daily toothbrush. I do think about all the bacteria that must be chilling out on my current toothbrush head every time I’m about to put it in my mouth. And now that you’ve read this, maybe you will too. (Sorry!)

Germ photo from here.


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