Deals & Discounts: November

November makes me think of Thanksgiving. And just thinking about Thanksgiving gives me that warm and happy feeling of my family gathering together to enjoy each other and a lot of good food. I’m so thankful for my whole family and for all my new family members thanks to a little knot I tied back in June:

I’m also thankful for the power we have to educate ourselves about what we put into our lives. We sure can’t control everything about our lives (try as we may), but we can choose the food that we eat and the products we use for cleaning or personal care. They say ignorance is bliss, but I’m learning that recognizing the hidden chemicals that I used to bring into my house is pretty great too. Because now I don’t use those products. And that makes me feel thankful and happy.

If you want to introduce a friend to Norwex, the Santa Cleaning Pack is a perfect gift. It has all the essential products for cleaning house–the Microfiber Mitt for quick and easy dusting (especially perfect for ceiling fans, blinds, plants), the Enviro Cloth for cleaning pretty much everything with just water, and the Polishing Cloth for streak-free mirrors and windows (again, with just water). Check out that and all the other great gifts on sale this month. Hey, maybe you can even gift yourself!

Stay tuned for my gift guide for all the unique people on your list this Christmas!

Psst — Want all of the Norwex products but don’t want to pay for them? Consider hosting a party for your family or friends. Take a peak at this month’s gifts for hosts right here.


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