Gift Givin’ for the Athlete

Know of someone who drives to the hoop, blitzes, or scores hat tricks like nobody’s business? Here are a couple Christmas gift ideas (why not start early this year?) that will leave them feeling like they won the Heisman (ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but they will like them…)

1. Norwex Sport Towel – This is a super absorbent towel that comes with its own travel case, so it’s perfect to throw in a backpack for use after gym class or the noon workout or whenever! It’s fast drying, so it’s okay to stuff the towel back into the case and then just hang it up when back at home. This would be a great gift paired with a membership to your local gym or a maybe with some sports equipment your athlete has been eyeing!

2. Norwex Sportzyme – This is a powerful spray that’s totally eco-friendly since it’s all enzyme-based, which is completely safe. It’ll take the stink right out of those well-loved soccer cleats or running shoes, gym bags, lockers, helmets or other equipment, maybe an entire dorm room? It’s the strongest enzyme product that Norwex offers and it will get the job done. You may need a heavier spraying the first time or two, but after that you’ll need just a light spray for maintenance.

Can you think of anyone who would benefit from either of these gifts? Have other ideas for the athlete in your life? Maybe tickets to the big game or a “free pass” to lay around and watch sports the whole weekend? Keep your eyes peeled for some more great gift givin’ ideas for other people on your Christmas list. Let me know if you have a “type” of person that you’re stumped on and I’ll do my best to offer some suggestions!

As always, contact me with questions or an order!


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