A Draining Experience

Our bathroom sink has slowly been getting slower and slower. Here’s a picture of the pooling water back before it was even super bad:

To combat this problem and get things flowing like they should, we reached for Norwex Drain Care. Once the water has finally cleared out of the sink, you pour a tiny scoop of the powdery formula down the drain, followed by four ounces of warm water. At this point it fizzes up like crazy and looks pretty neat.

Then you just wait a few hours before using the sink again. We feed the sink this special treatment right before going to sleep so gave the blue foam plenty of time to do its business. In the morning I excitedly turned on the water and…still clogged. A little bit faster, but still very slow. Very clogged. Which made me very disappointed.

Maybe there’s a hairball in our pipes that needs to be removed manually. It is quite possible. I was tempted to try a bottle of Drano or the like for comparison purposes, but then I thought of the smell and all the concentrated chemicals I’d be bringing into my house if I did that. And it blows my mind that you use a whole bottle for one clog. So I think I’m going to give myself a little lesson in pipe cleaning. Seems like it’ll be a good skill to add to my toolbox, right?

I have heard other people say the Norwex Drain Care worked well for them. Maybe it works better on a slow drain (instead of totally clogged) or as maintenance to keep a clear drain. Or maybe it’s just me. But I just had to be honest that it didn’t solve my current bathroom sink problem like I’ve come to expect since all the other Norwex products have worked like magic for me. Oh well, I could always return it for the 60-day money back guarantee with no harm done!

Has anyone else had success with the Norwex Drain Care? Do you have a tried and true way of speeding up the drain flow? Any tips for me before I embark on the journey under the sink? Any knowledge is much appreciated!

Update: Thanks to some great tips, I purchased a sink plunger (since it was cheaper than a Zip-It, which was going to be what I tried next), filled up the sink with water, plunged, and watched in awe as black chunks of who-knows-what came up. After this the sink still was slow, so I did another overnight treatment of the Norwex Drain Care. In the morning the sink was running like normal again! I ran the water as fast as possible and it keeps up without issue! Woo-hoo!


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  1. Hey Allison, When our shower clogs up real bad we get these things from Menards. I’m not sure what they are called but they’re a long skinny plastic stick thing with a bunch of little poky things sticking out. You shove it down the drain then when you pull it up it collects all the icky stuff down there and pulls it right up! I recommend wearing gloves cause it is a little yucky! We usually do this then follow with a drain cleaner to ensure it is totally clear (you could try your Norwex drain care again and it may have a better result with less clog). Come to think of it, they might be called a Zip-it. I just searched google images and it looks exactly like the one we use. So……maybe that will help you! Let me know!!!

  2. Hey thanks, Ash! That sounds exactly like what I need! I just might try that–thanks! And you’re right, maybe the Drain Care stuff I already have would work better when the large goop (eww!) is out of there. Thanks for the tip! I’ll let you know how it goes!


  3. Posted by Gretchen on November 9, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Funny that our bathroom sink was VERY slow too for the past couple days. We took apart the pipes and cleaned them out but it was still slow. We have a small plunger just the size for a sink. So we filled the sink with water and plunged it and all at once it started draining again. Maybe you should try plunging it and then use the cleaner.

  4. It must be the season for clogged sinks or something! So they make plungers especially for sinks? Sounds like a good first step since taking apart the pipes to clean them out is what I was thinking we’d have to do and that really intimidates me! Thanks, Gretchen!

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