Apologies to my Peeps

I just finished cleaning our large, sliding glass door with my Norwex cloths, so apologies in advance to the birds who will likely mistake the clean glass for an open door.

Here’s how I did it:

1. Gathered my weapons. I grabbed my blue Enviro Cloth, my purple Polishing Cloth, and a spray bottle of tap water.

2. Mist, mist, mist. I then sprayed both inside window panels with the water.

3. Wipe out. I folded up my Polishing Cloth (so I could re-fold it to find a dry side as needed) and wiped up the water. Did you learn to wash windows in circles or vertical sweeps or horizontal lines? With Norwex it doesn’t really matter. Just wipe it dry. It won’t streak. Promise.

4. Rinse and repeat. Next I went outside and sprayed that side of the windows with water. This time I first wiped up the water with my Enviro Cloth since the outside of my windows were coated with a lot of dust and dirt (while the inside was more just fingerprints and light dust). So the Enviro Cloth gathered the worst of the dirt. Then I spritzed with water again and this time dried with the Polishing Cloth to achieve a streak-free finish.

The grand total? 3 minutes. Yep, I timed it because I was curious how long this usually dreaded task took. Hmm….it wasn’t so bad.

And then for the cherry on top I dampened my Enviro Cloth under running water, wrung it out, and then wiped down both sides of the screen. Wow! You can have clean windows, but if your screen are a big dust trap like this…

…things are still going to look dirty. So this bonus step took another 1 minute. Boy, that’s a day’s work!

I was most thankful for Norwex when I was spraying the outside windows because there was a slight breeze that blew some of the spritzed water back at me. Nice that it was harmless water instead of dangerous chemicals that I wouldn’t want on my skin or in my lungs. Oh, and the effortless streak-free finish made me pretty glad for Norwex too.

Does anyone out there enjoy cleaning windows? Have some sure-fire tips of how it should be done that were passed down through the generations? Sad stories of crashing birds? Let’s be honest and admit how often we really clean ’em up. I might clean mine once a year…maybe…if I get around to it. But now with just a couple of minutes a pop, I might just get around to it a little more often.

Psst — Check out the update to my clogged drain post. Hint: it’s fixed!


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