Gift Givin’ for the Pet Lover

We all know someone who treats their pet as a true member of the family, right? Maybe even wraps up little presents for their dog or bakes them fresh doggie treats. While I nervously admit to not being much of an animal person (nervously since I usually get shot by eye daggers as the person wonders how I could possibly be so cold-hearted to not melt for a sweet puppy dog), I have rounded up the perfect gift ideas for the pet lover in your life!

Antibac Pet Set — This cute and cuddly set includes a super absorbent towel and two mitts that will dry your small or large pet in less time than regular towels. The excellent wicking power of microfiber pulls water from the pet’s coat. I think the mitts would be fun to use and easier to control. Plus these are all lightweight and fast drying, so that will reduce smells and make them ready to use for the next time. They are completely reusable and machine washable.

Carpet Stain Buster — Because let’s be honest, accidents happen. This powerful solution is an all-in-one carpet cleaning solution for shampooing, spot cleaning, deodorizing, and neutralizing. It effectively removes protein-based stains and odors and won’t leave residues that can attract new contaminants like many chemical-based carpet cleaning solutions do. This is a great gift for a pet lover because it’s easy to use and it’s safe even in households with small children or pets!

Lint Mitt — This is a lint mitt that can be used over and over. It picks up lint, dust, and pet hair from clothing, furniture, or other fabrics. I use it for getting my own hair off my clothing too and it’s small enough you can throw it in your bag or the car for convenient touch ups on the go! Any pet lover would be happy to have this mitt as their own!

So there’s my quick roundup of gifts sure to be loved by any pet lover. They make great gifts on their own or could be paired with a chew toy, animal calendar or book, or a cool snapshot of pet and owner that you took and framed.

Any other gift ideas for pet lovers? Does anyone else relate to me in being just not that into pets or animals in general? Or do you now thing I’m heartless since I admitted that? Has anyone started (finished?) their Christmas shopping yet? What are your tips? Are you a Black Friday early riser or do you avoid it like the plague? Do share!

As always, contact me if you’re interested in any of the Norwex products or have questions about them. All products have a 60-day money back guarantee and all microfiber has a 2-year warranty.


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