Gift Givin’ For The New Parent

With Black Friday under our belts, it’s officially time to start making a list and checking it twice. Who’s left on your Christmas list? If it’s someone with young kids (or even the child themselves), I have a few ideas for you.

The pack of 3 Baby Body Cloths are all you  need to bathe your babe. That’s right, you end the need for bath gel, shampoos and all and just need the cloth and water to fully clean your baby. They come in soft pastel colors and measure 8″ by 8″. They can even be used wet as diaper wipes or mess control after a meal. The best part? They’re antibacterial, so the proud parent can rinse, wring, and hang and they’re as clean as if you’d just laundered them by the time they’re dry. The set of 3 cloths rings in at $14.99.

The Hooded Towel Set is the perfect gift to really pamper the baby or toddler in your life. The set includes a super soft and ultra absorbent hooded towel (which never stops looking adorable on all wee ones) as well as a wash cloth like the ones described in the previous set. Both the towel and the cloth are antibacterial and who doesn’t like a towel that can clean itself? And even though this set easily absorbs all those playful splashes, it dries faster than yet another load of laundry piles up (and that’s pretty fast). The towel and cloth set totals just $31.99.

And a bit older child would enjoy something from the new-this-fall Norwex Kids Line. They could haul their toys and treasures around in the adorable Norwex Backback, help dust and clean (it’s really easy enough from them to do with just water) with the Kids Cloth Package, or have fun pushing around their very own Norwex Mop (and magically clean some floors while they’re at it). Check out details and prices here and why it’s important here.

All Norwex microfiber comes with a 2-year warranty, so if it doesn’t work like it should (and it’s been cared for properly) you can choose a replacement product or your money back. How’s that for a gift you can feel good about giving?

Anyone done with their Christmas shopping? Do you look forward to Black Friday all year or avoid the crowds at all costs? Any great Cyber Monday deals? What are you planning to give new parents or young kids who made your list?


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