Gift Givin’ To Pamper

This time of year we’re reminded to think about and do nice things for others. Do you know of someone who could use some pampering? Maybe they have a stressful job, energetic kids, or commitments at church and could use some often overlooked relaxation.

I’ve rounded up some gifts that will pave the way to Chillville. They’re perfect alone or could be paired with a gift card for a massage, a CD of your favorite low-key music, or an IOU for 1 homemade dinner (compliments of you). Check ’em out:

The Norwex Bathrobe is so soft and fluffy that just slipping into it melts the stress away. Perfect for keeping warm on those chilly winter mornings.

The Fresh Foot Gel is a lightweight, minty-scented, all natural foot lotion. Leaves a cool, fresh tingle to your feet. Helps lock in moisture and prevent those dry winter heels.

Speaking of dry winter heels, the Norwex Foot Stone is another must-have pampering item. Works wonders on rough feet. Just buff away, rinse the stone and store it for future use. You will love sliding your feet under the covers after you’ve given yourself this treatment!

Norwex Day and Night Cream is a must have for men and women alike. These creams are certified organic and have the most creamy, lightweight feel to them. Since they’re made out of natural ingredients, they work with your skin’s natural composition instead of just creating a layer of artificial moisture like many traditional creams. Try it and you won’t be disappointed!

Last but not least, the Norwex Aloe Vera Face and Neck Gel is the perfect second step to everyone’s routine. (Step 1: Cleanse and exfoliate with the Body Cloths. Step 2: Apply thin layer of Face and Neck Gel. Step 3: Moisturize with Day or Night Cream.) The Aloe Vera Gel works to eliminate (or prevent) wrinkles or heal imperfections of the skin. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh after each use.

View prices and more details in the shop section of the website.

Did you realize that the person who needs pampering is you? It’s okay to drop a hint to your loved ones of what you’re eyeing this Christmas! Or start a new tradition of wrapping up a gift to you, from you. Spread the love and get pampered this winter!

Psst– Looking for more Christmas gift ideas? Check out these posts for the athlete, the pet lover, or the new parent.


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