Out, Damn’d Spot!

The other night my husband and I were relaxing on the couch when I accidentally got some blood from a cut on the nice dress shirt he had on (because unlike me he doesn’t always change into his “comfy clothes” as soon as he walks in the door after work). Oh no! What to do?

I whispered some Macbeth reached for my Norwex, of course. I chose the cloth from the Norwex Travel Pack that I carry in my purse. I was at home so I could have used any of my Norwex cloths, but I knew the small size of this one was all I needed.

I ran the cloth under some water and then dabbed at the blood on his shirt until I couldn’t see it anymore.

Even when the spot dried, there was no stain. Thank you, Norwex.

These travel cloths are the perfect substitution to something like a Tide-To-Go pen. They come in a pack of 4 mini clothes (6″ x 6″) so you can keep one in your bag, purse, car, desk, lunch box, wherever! They sure are cute, but most importantly they get the job done.

They would make a great stocking stuffer or you could split a pack with a friend! Because who knows when the next time you spill lunch on your shirt will be. Before a big meeting? These travel clothes could be there to save your day!


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