Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet

Getting a whiff of a Norwex lovers feet isn’t a bad deal at all. That is, if they’ve discovered the wonderful world of the Aloe Vera FreshGel Foot Lotion. What’s my favorite part of the gel? I can’t decide between the sweet, minty scent or its heal-softening feature that puts my feet in the running for the Softest Feet Award. Even if a sweet little baby is my competition.

Oh, but I think my absolute favorite part of this lotion is the unique tingling sensation it gives my feet. It makes them feel fresh and revived, which is perfect after a long day back at work after a nice Christmas vacation. The foot tingles are light and enjoyable and somewhat inexplicable. You’ve really gotta try it for yourself.

I plan to use the FreshGel with the Foot Stone to really pamper up my feet, but so far have found the lotion to be enough on its own. Maybe I’ll use the duo someday soon when I’m feeling really crazy.

For now I love slipping my feet into some spa socks after they’ve been kissed goodnight by the FreshGel. Ahh…


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