Deals & Discounts: January Free Mop!

It’s a new year and although I sometimes can’t believe how quickly time seems to fly away, I do love a fresh start. A new year to make new resolutions (or try again on the resolutions you made last year!) and live the life you want.

In 2010 I vowed not to buy any clothes or shoes for the entire year. I accomplished my goal with surprising ease (although I did enjoy a day of shopping with two friends on January 1 of this year)! My 2011 goal is to write daily in this little gratitude journal. There’s space for just a few snippets of what I’m grateful for that day, so I think it will be a good discipline for me.

Have any of you made goals or resolutions for 2011? Did anyone want to make their life a little “greener”? Using Norwex is an easy way to take steps in that direction. And January brings major excitement for anyone who has lusted over the Norwex mop (I love mine!) because the mop is one of the host gifts this month!

It’s a great way to get the mop (the most expensive Norwex product) for free, along with lots of other great gifts. Check out the details here.

Don’t think you’re the type to endure those home parties? Yeah, I didn’t either. That’s why I turned down an invite to the first Norwex party I was invited to. Those things aren’t for me. But then I fell in love with the products (after my friend bought some for me) and figured other people would too if they only knew about them. So the parties really are a chance for people to ask questions and try the products before they buy.

Another option is a book party where I provide you with some catalogs and information and  you collect orders. You get the exact same host gifts as someone who holds a real party. This is perfect for those of you who live too far away from me. Or for those of you who know a lot of people who already buy/would like to buy Norwex. You ease their ordering process and get some killer gifts in return.

Read more about hosting a party here! And read about this month’s customer specials here.

So, what are you going to do to make sure your goal or resolution for 2011 doesn’t get thrown by the wayside at the first sign of busyness in your life (because let’s be honest, you’re going to get busy.) Any tips for how to stay focused? Anyone want to share their resolution (I really found the more people I told about my clothes-and-shoe-buying hiatus the more I knew I HAD to stick to it). Share and share alike! And happy 2011!

Journal pic from this blog.


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