What You Wear Under There

It’s not just what we put into our bodies (food) that affects us. What we put on our skin is important too, since it all soaks in. That’s why giving up fabric softener and using organic moisturizer are important steps to cleaning up your life. But have you ever critiqued the deodorant you use?

It’s important too. I just learned that you shouldn’t pick a running shoe based on its color (bummer!), and likewise you shouldn’t pick a deodorant based on its scent. Or because it’s what you’ve always used.

Here’s a list of the 7 ingredients you should make sure your favorite deodorant avoids like bad advice. Aluminum is top on the list. My guess is if you wear an anti-perspirant, you’re wearing the aluminum.

I got the memo to clean up my deodorant approximately a year ago. I first tried Tom’s of Maine, which didn’t seem to do it for me so I switched to Arm and Hammer, which was more effective in my experience. Now I’m using Norwex Crystal Deodorant and loving it!

First of all, one stick lasts at least a year. How great is that? Second, the ingredients are pure. Third, it works. It’s not an anti-perspirant (so it doesn’t stop the sweating, which is actually a good thing for your body) but it does stop the odor.

It’s easy to use. Just dip the tip of the applicator in water, apply it liberally, and then rinse the tip in water to clean it. Or you can apply it after a shower before you’ve dried your underarms and skip the first step. Avoiding getting the whole crystal totally wet will help it last longer.

I love this deodorant because I don’t have to worry about smearing bad stuff on my body. We come into enough chemicals in our lives without choosing to add more through things like our deodorant. I was also surprised that I don’t feel all sweaty like I was expecting after using an anti-perspirant my whole life. I haven’t found it to be very different at all in that arena. And yes, I’ve used it in the summer too.

Oh, and did I mention this stuff has a 60-day money back guarantee? Not sure you’ll find that on many other deodorants!

This deodorant pairs nicely with the Norwex Body Cloths, which you can use in the shower to clean away all the odor-causing bacteria from your whole body.

Thinking of giving up an anti-perspirant is a huge step for some people, so don’t rush yourself. But don’t sell yourself short of making healthy changes either. I hope this post gives you some food for thought on the issue.

Have any of you switched out your deodorant or other personal care products? What made you switch? Are you glad you did? Do tell! It may inspire someone else to do the same.

Colorful shoe pic from here.


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