(Un)Make Your Mark

I love organizing. I love simplifying, putting things in order, and de-cluttering. It literally gets my heart racing. Anyone with me?

Well, in an effort to de-clutter I thought today was the day to actually get around to craigslisting a few things we just don’t use. One was a simple little table/desk. I was thrilled when it sold immediately! But then nervous when I saw an inch-long pen mark on the surface of it.

Right away I wrote to the person who was planning to pick it up this evening. He wrote back with, “No worries. A Magic Eraser will get that right off.”

I was happy he still wanted to buy the desk, and then remembered that Norwex makes a chemical-free/environmental friendly version of Mr. Clean’s product and I happened to have one on hand! I decided to clean the mark off for him. Enter Norwex Micro Cleaning Hand Pads.

They come in a 2-pack for just under 6 bucks. I held one of the pads under a little water to dampen a corner of it. Then I scrubbed the spot with the pen mark and in 30 seconds or less, it was gone!

Quick and easy. So thank you, Mr. Craigslist-Buyer for reminding me of yet another use for Norwex!


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