See Spot Run

Have you checked out the carpet beneath your feet lately? I did and found it to be rather dingy. I must have developed an immunity to the sight, but then all of the sudden it reached out and slapped me and something had to be done asap.

Isaiah and I knew Norwex was the way to go since we try to avoid chemicals in our food and products as much as possible. So we popped open a bottle of Norwex Carpet Stain Buster and got to work.

We first diluted the solution in some water and poured it into a spray bottle. At first I was annoyed that we couldn’t use it straight from the bottle until I realized how much longer the bottle will last us since it’s concentrated. That’s pretty sweet for the pocket book.

Next we hunted down a spot on the carpet. We didn’t have to search for long.

Then we sprayed it with the diluted solution…

…and blotted it dry with a damp enviro cloth.

Note that we didn’t scrub, but used more of a kneading motion.

I thought the dark spots in our cream carpet disappeared one by one, but I wanted to be sure it wasn’t wishful thinking. But in a couple hours we knew it was completely dry and sure enough, the spots had run away. Hooray!

I was impressed because the chemical free formula didn’t give me a headache or require an open window as we worked. I was also impressed because the discoloration had built up and set in over years, yet the Stain Buster was still more powerful.

So next time you come over, leave your shoes at the door. Or don’t since I have an easy clean for that.


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