In Sickness

When my hubby woke up yesterday with yet another cold, I decided to fight this one off ferociously. None of the wait-around-and-see-if-it-really-develops-into-anything game we’ve played in the past. Naturally, I googled “how to fight a cold fast” because what situation isn’t enhanced when you have the confidence of on your side?

The symptoms checked out, so we loaded him up with an arsenal of tissues, vitamins like C to take throughout the day, green tea, throat lozenges, and healthy snacks like fruit and nuts to fuel him each hour. He promised to up his intake of water until he thought he would float away (or set up camp in the restroom) and I felt hopeful that this cold wouldn’t dare to linger.

Before he headed out the door to work, I added another important weapon to his stash: Norwex Hand Disinfectant. I knew he wouldn’t walk down a couple floors to the restroom every time he blew his nose, so the hand disinfectant would keep his hands clean so he didn’t track his germs all over his desk, his food, or his whole office.

The Norwex Hand Disinfectant is great because it has 70% less alcohol than other brands. So if you eat (or if your kids put their hands in their mouth) after using it, it’s much safer. It’s long lasting and won’t dry out your hands. In fact, it has rewetting agents to keep your hands soft and free of microorganisms.

This morning he felt noticeably better and had energy to gear up for another day of intentional fighting with The Cold. Here’s hoping we nipped it in the bud because “in health” is so much more fun.


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