Deals & Discounts: February

Twenty-Eleven is already well underway and the month of love is here. Show yourself some love this month and treat yourself to a Norwex product you are curious to try. Or spread the love and gift your favorite Norwex product to a friend.

The specials this month include the Sportzyme spray, an enzyme-based (read: all natural) product you spritz in tennis shoes or sweaty sports equipment to get rid of the stink. Also perfect for a locker that’s seen better days or the bottom of a hamper or neglected closet.

The Sports Towel is the ideal partner for the spray since its small size makes it convenient enough to take to the gym or on a camping trip, but it’s ultra-absorbant nature makes it effective enough for you to love using it. It can be stuffed into the included travel case even while damp without getting smelly like a regular towel.

Take a peek at all of the specials for this month right here.

Of course there are a number of thank you gifts that party hosts earn for free! This month features the body cloths, kitchen cloths, laundry detergent among many more. See the full details here or by clicking below.

Don’t hesitate to send any questions my way. Happy February!

Psst- This just in: the Day Cream (item#403005) is being replaced by the Kids Cloth Package (item#300400) for the February Host Specials.


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