Put A Ban On It

We now take a break from our regularly scheduled Norwex posts to bring you a little news item. It’s time to bundle up, put on your rally caps, and get out your protest signs.

Or just read on. I recently receieved an email from Food & Water Watch (a nonprofit org with the purpose of ensuring clean water and safe food) about a dangerous chemical.

Its name: Triclosan.
Its job: A hormone disruptor, which could cause early onset puberty, fertility problems and cancer.
Its “job”: An antibacterial agent that’s currently found in cleaning and personal care products.

The good news: you can do something to ban its existence! Anyone who’s used Norwex knows a harsh chemical like triclosan isn’t needed to achieve clean. Just head to this link today, fill in your email address and let the EPA know you want triclosan banned. There’s a default note written so it takes only a few seconds, but could make a big difference!

Here’s the whole letter if you’re interested:

Dear Allison,

Tell the EPA to ban triclosan!

Protect your health – submit a comment to ban triclosan!

When was the last time you looked at the ingredients of your hand soap, toothpaste or shaving cream? You may not realize that one particular ingredient in many personal care products is doing more harm than good:Triclosan. Can you take action to ban this dangerous substance?

Triclosan, an “antibacterial” agent, has increasingly shown up in personal care and home cleaning products. New and emerging science increasingly supports the need for an immediate ban on triclosan because ofnumerous threats to human and environmental health.

Like Bisphenol-A (BPA), triclosan is a hormone disruptor that has been shown to alter male and female sex hormones in animal studies, which could lead to problems like early onset puberty, reduced fertility and cancer.

Last year, with your help, we submitted thousands of petition signatures urging a ban on triclosan. The petition gained so much attention that the EPA has published it for public comment. We have until February 7th to let the EPA know that you want triclosan to be banned to protect public health and the environment.

Submit a comment today:

Thanks for taking action,

Meredith Begin
Outreach Organizer
Food & Water Watch

Protest sign from here.


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