Dirty Little Secret

Do you think your house is clean right now? How about the top of your refrigerator? Yeah, mine wasn’t either. And Isaiah didn’t hesitate to point out this fact when he climbed on a chair to put some things in the small cupboards above the refrigerator.

“So clean it,” I said.

“With what?” he replied.

“Norwex! What else?!” I answered since that is the most obvious answer in the world.

I threw him the damp kitchen cloth since it was handy, but if I were to channel Cher and turn back time I would recommend he use a damp enviro cloth. Just because it was so diiirty up there.

It doesn’t look nearly as bad in the photo, but see that hand print under the cupboards? There was a nice, sturdy layer of something up there that took a little scrubbing to get off.

Isaiah: “Have you ever cleaned up here before?”

Me: “Ummmmm…I’m sure I would have done that at some point.” (I’ve lived in this house 4.5 years now.)

Isaiah: (snickers)

A few minutes later he took me on a tour of the newly cleaned space. I had to sign a waiver that his tour company wasn’t responsible if I was injured climbing up the kitchen chair. But cutting the red tape was so worth it in order to see this sight:

It’s the small things, isn’t it? Because even though our future guests won’t notice the change (unless Tours By Isaiah happens to be open for business, which would just be a little weird), I sure like knowing there’s now one less grimy space in our home sweet home. It’s kinda like my clean little secret.


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