Smell Like A Man

My man is that man your man could smell like. Have you seen those incredibly funny Old Spice commercials?

While I’m sure all the Old Spice guys are smelling pretty good out there, I’ve gotta admit my hubby is smelling quite nice too. And he’s getting rid of the source of the odors instead of just covering them up. He uses the Norwex Body Cloth. Nope, those cloths are not just for girls (although they’re amazing at taking off makeup) and yes, they do get the job done. You use them in the shower just like a washcloth only you don’t need any body wash–just water!

The bacteria that causes smells is washed away and my husband is left feeling fresh and smelling sweet. Then he hangs the cloth by a hook in the shower and by the time he uses it again, the cloth has cleaned itself because of the antibacterial feature.

Don’t make your deodorant work so hard. Use the Norwex Body Cloth and you too can smell like my man!

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