Goodbye Comet, Ajax, SoftScrub

It’s a good day–I discovered a new Norwex product to love! And it will help you green up your cleaning by tossing out that Comet, Ajax, or SoftScrub type cleaner once and for all.

I bought a container of Norwex Cleaning Paste a little while ago, but hadn’t used it yet. My other Norwex products were doing just fine on their own. Then I read that this paste is excellent for removing scuff marks off the floor. Oh, just use the bottom of your shoe, you say? Tried that years ago. Yep, I’ve had a red scuff mark on my kitchen floor for years. And still haven’t tracked down who in the world was wearing red-soled shoes in there to begin with. Or maybe it’s red crayon? Whatever it is, it’s stubbornly been there for a long while. But I digress.

First, I gathered up my supplies: the cleaning paste, an enviro cloth, and some water. Second, I located the scuff mark on the floor. Here’s a look at it (almost) before I started cleaning. I jumped the gun and started the test before I remembered to snap a photo. But here it is already diminished.

Third, I took a slightly dampened enviro cloth and rubbed it across the solid white block that is the cleaning paste.

It lives up to its pasty name only after you add the water.

Fourth, I rubbed over the scuff mark on the floor. With hardly any effort from me, it was gone. Last, I rinsed my enviro cloth and wiped the floor again to remove any leftover cleaning paste.

Looks good, doesn’t it? The cleaning paste is so popular because it’s non-toxic, but provides mild abrasion to polish, clean, and shine. It will replace your Ajax, Comet, SoftScrub and other chemical abrasive cleaners. It’s great on plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, tile, painted surfaces, chrome, glassware, food storage containers, and the list goes on! One small tub lasts 2-3 years or more since it’s so compact and a little goes a long way.

I’m impressed it removed my ancient floor scuff, but can’t wait to try out its other uses like cleaning sinks, built up soap scum, rust stains, tile, and it’s the perfect product for most smooth-top stoves (although it may be too abrasive for the new enameled or ceramic flat tops). It is a physical scrubber, so it’s not intended for everyday use (and Norwex recommends to always test in an inconspicuous spot first) but it’s amazing on those marks or stains that don’t come off with just the enviro cloth and water. I love this new discovery and have just the sink in mind to try it on next!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jen on February 17, 2011 at 9:54 am

    It’s amazing how well it took off that stubborn mark! Glad you were able to document it, even though we were both so excited to see if it worked that you jumped the gun before you got the even worse before picture 🙂

  2. I know! My mom said she remembers that mark too–probably from when we all moved in! And yes, we were getting a little Norwex-crazy! I’m just impressed we had the control to stop for the sake of a picture instead of just giving it one or two more swipes before it vanished for good! Ha!

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