White As Snow

I love my makeup from Rejuva Minerals because it’s eco-friendly down to the packaging it comes in and scores super low on the Skin Deep website, a website that rates cosmetic products on how toxic they are. The only thing I don’t love is the mess the foundation and blush can make in my sink.

Before I got hitched I didn’t worry about it and often left the dusting of makeup sit in the sink, figuring it would wash down eventually. But after I got married and my hubby moved in with me, I figured it was time to clean up my act. Although cleaning the sink with my trusty Enviro Cloth and water was enough to keep it clean from bacteria, it wasn’t enough to remove the stains that had built up over time.

After I had such success removing an ancient scuff mark from the floor of my kitchen, I knew the Norwex Cleaning Paste was just what I needed to polish up the bathroom sink and return it to its snow white glory. You can read more about the process of using the Cleaning Paste here, but basically I just rubbed a small amount on the dingy sink with a damp enviro cloth. Here’s an in-process shot after I ran my Cleaning Paste dipped cloth in a line down the center of the stain. See the difference?

After I’d rubbed the whole sink, presto. Good as new!

Happy with another Cleaning Paste success, I took that momentum and went after the toilet seat cover that hadn’t been looking as clean as its glory days. Here it is before:

Nothing awful, but it had a slight yellowing tint to it. Here’s a close up:

And here it is after I rubbed some Cleaning Paste on it and wiped it clean with a damp enviro cloth:

A noticeable difference. Can you think of a place in your house where you might need the mild abrasion of the Cleaning Paste? Maybe it’s on something you’ve settled for never seeing like new again? I’m excited to see where else I can use this non-toxic “magic” paste!


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