Norwex + Water = Crazy Powerful

The title sums up the moral of the story, but let me tell you how I arrived at this shouldn’t-I-know-this-by-now revelation.

Last week at a Norwex Demo my friends, the hosts, pointed out a large coffee stain in their living room carpet. It had been there for over a year! I was upset that I hadn’t brought my Norwex Carpet Stain Buster that worked well on my own carpet stains. Not wanting to admit defeat, I worked with what I had. In this case that was a spray bottle of tap water and my trusty Enviro Cloth. To the surprise of everyone there (including me) the stain lifted! We had to do multiple rounds of spraying and dabbing and then letting it dry to see what remained, but by the time I left that evening it was drastically diminished if not completely gone. Oh and did I mention they had already tried harsh chemical carpet cleaners on it with no success? Atta boy Norwex.

I should have kept the simple game plan of water + a Norwex cloth in mind, but I often need a lesson repeated before it really sinks in. Plus I was motivated by my success in removing a very old scuff mark from the kitchen floor and bringing my bathroom sink back to its pearly white state with nothing but the Norwex Cleaning Paste, water, and an Enviro Cloth. So I made a plan to clean up the door of the dishwasher, which was looking a little less than stellar as of late. I figured the Cleaning Paste would do the trick.

I gathered my supplies and got to work. First, I wiped down the door with a damp Enviro Cloth. And to my great surprise that was all I needed! The stains came right off with a little scrubbing. I now smile at the difference each time I load a dirty dish. (I wonder how long that will last!)

And that brings us back to the moral of this story. Norwex + Water = Crazy Powerful, so remember to try just a Norwex cloth and water first. Only if that doesn’t do the trick should you up your game and try an even stronger product like the Cleaning Paste or the Carpet Stain Buster.

Have any of you been surprised at what your Enviro Cloth was able to tackle with just water? Share those stories!

Psst– Curious about what detergent my freshly cleaned dishwasher prefers? Read all about it right here.


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