The Dirt On Dirt

I’ve often wondered if it was just my imagination that my house hasn’t been as dusty since I started using the Norwex Microfiber Mitt. I mean, maybe because it’s a big fluffy glove and in a weird way it’s kinda fun to wear (so I dust more often). Perhaps, but I think there’s more to it than that.

When surfaces are left moist and wet after cleaning, only the water component of your cleaning solution evaporates leaving broken-down dirt, grime and chemicals to dry on the surface. So when I used my dusting Pledge and a worn out or dryer-ate-its-match sock, stuff was left behind. And this left-behind stuff attracted dust, germs, and dirt, hence making the surface dusty again faster.

The definition of clean is to remove all forms of contaminants from a surface leaving it in as original condition as possible. This means that in order to leave surfaces clean we cannot leave residuals behind on them. Residuals attract dirt. And when I use just my Norwex Microfiber Mitt, nothing is left behind on the surface.

So even though I often enjoy buzzing around the house with the big, blue dust mitt on my hand, I’m happy to stretch the time between that excitement out as much as possible!

Dusty table pic from here.


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