Change Is In The Air

Here’s a mind boggling idea: True cleanliness does not smell.

It took me quite a while to accept this since I had an idea in my head of what “clean” smelled like. Maybe it was the old familiar scent of Downy or the lemon Pledge that stuck out in my mind as what clean should smell like. When I clean with just Norwex microfiber and water, I get a very true clean, but I don’t get those same scents.

But my mind has officially shifted (and yours can too). I now smell those strong scents and think of the chemicals that I’m smelling or the artificial fragrances that are trying their best to cover up the chemicals that are in those products.

On a jog the other day I passed two houses where laundry was being done. I smelled the fabric softener and immediately wanted fresh air. That’s when it hit me that I am a changed person. Whoa. I’m way more aware of those scents and now find them a bit overwhelming. And I’m happy with that.

Because clean doesn’t have a smell.

Psst– Happy birthday to Jen, my buddy and guest gabber a while back!!

Nose image from here. Chemical pic from this article about how chemicals can affect your ability to get prego.


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