To The Cleaners

Apparently I’ve been really into removing stains recently. This time the patient was my blue Enviro Cloth and the medicine was the Norwex Dishwashing Liquid.

You see, a few months back I hurriedly wiped up some char from the bottom of my oven (hmm…how’d that get there?) with the Enviro Cloth and then went on my merry way. I didn’t give the cloth so much as a rinse. Since that time the cloth was washed and dried many times over and although it’s just as effective as ever, the dark stains aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I’ve heard that Norwex Dish Liquid is powerful, stain fighting stuff, so I squirted some onto my cloth and rubbed it together with itself. Then I gave it a rinse and threw it in with our regular load of laundry. Here’s what came out of the dryer:

While it’s certainly not perfect, it’s way better than it was before. I was especially impressed since those stains were sealed in with months and months of flying through the dryer. I could even do another round of soaping up and scrubbing on the spots I can still see to get even better results.

And I’ll definitely keep the Norwex Dish Liquid in mind for future stains that pass my way. (Maybe a few old mascara stains I have in some of my Body Cloths!) Besides its powerful stain-fighting ability, the best parts of the Dish Liquid are that it’s free of phosphates, is biodegradable, is highly concentrated (so you don’t need much), is gentle on hands, and has a light fresh scent! All that plus a 60-day money-back guarantee for under 8 bucks. Yes please!


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