April Specials

April showers bring May flowers. The spring season is officially here and with it comes, yep, you guessed it: spring cleaning! Save yourself some hassle this year and tackle your spring cleaning without harsh chemicals.

Thinking about finally washing those windows? Keep it simple by purchasing the Earth Day Window Pack, which is on sale in April. Spritz the window with water and wipe dry with the Norwex Window Cloth. That’s it. No streaks. Promise.

If the outside of the window is really dirty, spray with water and wipe with the Norwex Enviro Cloth, which can handle all that grime. Then spritz again and go streak-free with the Window Cloth.

And if the breeze blows the spritzes in your face, no problem. It’s just water! If your toddler pounds on that sliding glass door in anticipation of playing outside (and then inevitably puts her hands into her mouth), no problem. It’s just water! That’s refreshing.

Check out all the sales for the month of April below. Click on the image to see it larger.

Looking for a way to tell your friends about an easy way to clean without chemicals? Host a Norwex Demo and earn a bunch of free product while you’re at it. See below for the Host Gifts for April.

Welcome, spring! We have been waiting for you.


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