Create Yourself

Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, said, “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” That quote sparkles when I read it because so often I hear about ways to dig deep and truly find yourself, as if we are predestined to be someone or something.

I feel much freer thinking about having the choice to create a life that I want to live. To create who I want to be. We are creatures of habit, and I believe if you make a change and do it over and over, it will become a part of you for better or worse.

Eating healthily is a decision I’m working on that doesn’t come naturally to me, but the more times I make good choices at the grocery store the more it feels like it’s a part of me and I like that.

Eliminating all the chemicals in my house (whether in cleaning supplies or lotions or air fresheners) is a choice I made that didn’t come naturally for me, but now that I’m in that habit I can’t help but analyze things for their toxicity level before I make a purchase. I love that it’s becoming how I live!

I’m choosing to live the way I want to live. I’m playing an active role in creating my life. How exciting!

Food heart from here.


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