Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s not too early to start thinking of ways to show appreciation for the ones who brought us into this world: our mothers! Mother’s Day is coming up on May 8. Maybe you will cook her a meal, write her a nice note, or buy her some Norwex!

In case you chose Option 3, I rounded up some ideas for you!

1. Olive Oil Salt Scrub. If your goal is to pamper, look no further than this jar of enriched Dead Sea salts. It’s totally organic and contains grains that remove dead and worn-out cells, giving skin a smooth look and velvet feel. It does not contain any preservatives or perfumes and is suited for all skin types, all over the body. Your mother will feel a lingering sense of relaxation and ease thanks to its delicious essential oils.

2. Fresh Gel Foot Lotion. Create a spa-like experience for your mom each time she uses this luxurious foot lotion. The Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and other purely natural extracts will nourish dry skin and leave her feet feeling refreshed. Go the extra mile and pair it with the ultra soft Norwex Spa Socks.

3. Bathroom Scrub Mitt. Maybe your mother is aging and cleaning is getting harder for her to do on her own. The bathroom scrub mitt is perfect for keeping the shower free from soap scum and buildup, but that’s not all it can do. Check out what this happy Norwex customer has to say: “I personally love the new pink bath mitt. It’s meant for bathrooms – sinks, showers, etc – but it is also AMAZING on walls and floors! It’s a really plush microfiber and it grabs dirt like crazy. It is really great for arthritis sufferers because it stays on your hand without having to grip it. I gave one to my mom and she uses it a lot.”

Our moms have done so much for us, so what will you do for her this year?

And don’t forget the deep discounts on the laundry detergent and dryer balls are good through Friday only. Read more here


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