Ditch Febreeze, Get Sportzyme

You already know that I love the Odor Eliminator as a great spray for stinky bathrooms or smelly trash cans. And now I’ve discovered the beauty of Sportzyme. It’s an enzyme-based potion of natural ingredients designed to get rid of organic odors. But unlike the Odor Eliminator, Sportzyme works great on fabrics like sweaty running clothes, less-than-fresh tennis shoes, that jacket you wore into the smoky bowling alley, the corner of the couch your dog calls his own, and more!

It’s great for a quick freshening of any fabric because you just spritz it on and allow it to dry for a bit. It’s kind of like a healthier, natural alternative to Febreeze, which is filled with chemicals, scents, and fragrances.

It can also be used in skates, gym bags, on sports equipment like shin guards, football pads, helmets, and more. You should use a generous application the first time and then just maintain with a light spritzing.

Know of someone who could use a spritz of this miracle Sportzyme in their shoes? Or closet? Check out the 8 ounce bottle in the shop. Maybe an anonymous gift sent their way is just the ticket. Good luck!

Don’t forget tomorrow at midnight is when my big Earth Day Sale ends, so place your order today!


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