Urine Luck With Norwex

You love your pet kitty, don’t you? But what about when the little guy does his business right onto your carpet? That’s not so fun. I’ve honestly never had an inside cat, but I’ve heard that smell can really linger. And that’s not the kind of smell I’d want lingering around my house.

Well the Norwex Sportzyme is great at eliminating those smells! Wow, a totally safe, enzyme based product that effectively gets rid of the smelly evidence of kitty’s little accident. It works by actually removing the material that’s causing the bad oder (not just covering it up).

I’ve already found it great for spraying in soggy running shoes after getting caught in a downpour, or spritzing on sweaty workout clothes until they get laundered, but it’s good to know it’s prevented many a kitty from being angrily dropped off at the shelter after ruining its owner’s carpet. It’s also great for eliminating urine smells from dogs and other animals or even humans. It can be sprayed on carpets, mattresses, fabrics, clothes, cloth diapers, furniture, etc.

Got urine problems? You really are in luck with Norwex Sportzyme. 


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